Garden Troughs and Planters

We can make garden troughs and planters to suit your space and needs.

They can be supplied as bare wood or stained/painted to fit your outdoor decor.

So whether it's a herb planter or somewhere for that statement plant get in touch with your requirements.

Prices are obviously based on individual items.

From £19.99

Bird Boxes

Provide a safe and snug bird house for your birds to roost and nest. Our bird houses and nest boxes are made from sustainable, durable timber, so they're safe for birds and have good insulation properties, making them warm in winter and cool in summer.

From £12.99

Overlap Board Hedgehog House


Adding a hedgehog house to your garden is a great way to support the species, which has seen significant declines over recent years. Back in the 50s there were 36 million hedgehogs in the UK, and now there are thought to be just a million left.

From £15.99

Half Log Hedgehog House


By placing a hedgehog house in your garden, you can provide these adorable mammals with both a place to hibernate and a home to raise little hoglets.

Position your hedgehog house in a quiet, shady area, ideally under some bushes and against a wall or fence

From £19.99