Why do you exist?

Men’s Sheds started in Australia, and they are places for men to meet to work together, to chat and enjoy fellowship and to create. For many men leaving work, for whatever reason, or retiring means they miss the banter and the friendships developed in a workshop or office and it can get very lonely very quickly. Some may have had mental health issues, and the Shed is a safe place for them to meet chat be busy and productive with no deadlines or targets. So, we all help each other.

And there’s a lot of satisfaction in turning an old broken chair into something to be proud of. 

What can we repair?

Well, if its broken and you can carry it to the Shed, we’ll have a go at fixing it! Some electronics are not in our remit, and items that can’t be dismantled are also hard for us to do, but we aren’t often put off!

Can you do garden furniture?

Something of a speciality of ours! This year we have rebuilt nearly 40 benches, lots of garden chairs, and we make planters bird boxes and bee houses, and repair garden tools. 

I have some old tools, are they any use to you?

Well yes they are!
We have a link to Tools with a Mission https://www.twam.uk/. This is a charity that prepares tool kits for Africa. These generally go to Africans who have undergone training for a new job - be it electrician plasterer, builder, mechanic, tailor etc - and as part of their course completion they are presented with a tool kit. These are made up by TWAM and shipped out regularly. In 2023 the sent over 16 containers of kits.

What do we do? - we are a local collection point and we refurbish these tools prior to sending to Rugby for making up into kits.

Are you expensive?

No. You pay for materials, and we ask for a donation to keep the Shed going. So as an example, some benches cost £175 others £60 depends on the work involved. Sometimes £10 is a fair donation, other times it is less than we need to survive, but we work with residents and if you can’t afford it then it will not cost you much. If you can afford it, we expect you to support us. If you want to know in advance what the cost is likely to be, then we can discuss it with you.

How long does it take to do the work?

Well, that depends on the nature of the job. Most jobs take several weeks, not because they are complicated or we are dragging them out, but because we work in teams, and they meet once a week for 3-4 hours. So, it may take several weeks especially if there is any painting or varnishing to do to it.





What does the money I pay go on?

Every running cost from Insurance to tool replacement, materials like wood, screws, bolts, glues, paint, varnish, and any other items needed for your job. We need to replace our tools regularly and heat and light the Shed. And we like a cup of tea at 11am!

Can you collect and deliver?

Generally, we ask for you to bring the items to us. However, if you have no transport and have a large item and you live in the Parish, then we will do our best to collect from you.