Contact Us

Contact us to enquire about joining the Shed as an active member, willing to join in on the work we do, the coffee we drink and the chat that goes on! We are a friendly group, we are mindful of the needs of our members and also our customers.
Contact us if you have any items you need repairing. We are not cobblers silversmiths or tailors, but we can tackle repairs to domestic appliances and equipment, garden tools furniture and equipment (inc mowers hedge trimmers etc) and we also service and repair bicycles.

We accept items you no longer need and we repair and sell to maintain our Shed.

We are a collection point for TWAM - Tools with a Mission. Any garden tools, professional tools, sewing machines, knitting machine cloth, cottons knitting needles and wool. Bring them to us and we will refurbish where needed, and send to TWAM for including in kits of tools for Africans who are learning a trade. The tools are kitted up and given to a specific trainee to enable them to start their own trade or small business. They are NOT sent to go onto a market stall!

Where Are We?